My more successful alter-ego…

14 06 2011

Ok, so I’m finally going to admit it publicly… Heston Blumenthal and I may share some features in common. After the twentieth person now has suggested to me that he looks exactly like me, I will admit that several bizarre coincidences between the two of us may exist (in addition to the fact that even I thought, from a certain angle, that someone had merely taken a photo of me, made a rather elaborate website, invented a ridiculously popular restaurant and TV show just to fool me.)

There are, however, certain key differences:
1. It appears that he has two proper ears (thought the right one does look quasi-deformed on Heston).
2. He is a living cooking legend. I can merely feed people well.
3. He is insanely successful, presumably rich and gets embarrassing emails from ladies. I am, on these criteria, not even modestly successful, nowhere near rich and generally get emails reminding me to buy milk. Which, more often than not, I forget to.

Now, having finally seen this guy on TV last night on Masterchef for the first time, it is clear that God, as previously suggested, has a great sense of humour, or is running out of ideas, creation-wise. I like to cook, have no formal training, like to introduce ‘science’ into my cooking, love the bizzarre and tricky when making recipes and, I am told, have the same wry sense of humour.


Now, using the same cutting-edge technology employed in my previous post on Chewbacca, we can splice the two photos above into the composite below:

Hmm.. perhaps we are not really THAT alike..

Anyway, this blog also contains a recipe which I am drinking as I write this, inspired from the pressure test/challenge last night on Masterchef. I give you: “Mickovich’s Maleshake”, an adult twist on a yummy kid’s idea!

Mickovich’s Blokeshake

600mL of Guinness Stout Beer
600mL of full cream milk
4g NaHCO3 (1 tbsp Baking powder)
4 tbsp sugar
10g 85% Cocoa dark chocolate (grated)
4 tbsp malt (malted barley/horlicks also works)
4 tbsp honey
400g of premium high buttermilk vanilla ice cream

a) Making honeycomb
1. Put hob on moderate heat and in low, small frypan mix 1 tbsp honey and 4 tbsp of sugar, stirring constantly.
2. Mixture will go from crystalline white, through yellow bubbling (as water evaporates out and sugar oxidises), keep stirring until it reaches an amber colour with tiny bubbles only.
3. Take straight off heat and immediately mix in 1 tbsp NaHCO3 very quickly, mixing thoroughly (takes 5-10 seconds max). Pour onto greaseproof paper, allow to rise and cool.
4. 15 minutes later, when cool to touch and just solid, put into freezer for further 15 minutes.

Method: Beer mixture

1. Open cold can of Guinness and pour very slowly on a 45 degree angle into a glass bowl.
2. Warm 600mL of Guinness in a warm water bath (80 degrees outside), stirring with a thermometer slowly. Allow all bubbles to evaporate out whilst keeping the temp below 37 degrees Celcius (heating higher will denature complex proteins from beer).
3. In a separate glass, mix 100mL of boiling water, remaining honey and malt until fully dissolved. Allow to cool to 40-50 degrees.
4. Combine malt mixture and cooled Guinness and place into freezer.

Method: Making the shake!

1. pour Guinness/malt mixture into milkshake cup to 1/3 full.
2. Add full cream milk until 2/3 full.
3. Add a generous dollop of Icecream
4. Mix until thick.
5. Smash 1/4 of honeycomb in a bowl with 1/4 of dark chocolate (grated).
6. Roll a ball of icecream in mixture until completely coated.
7. Gently drop ball into milkshake
[Note: because the Guinness is heated only to below 37 degrees, this drink has not fully evaporated the ethanol and remains alcoholic. I imagine, for some of you, this is good news, but it IS an ‘adult milkshake’ so don’t go serving to your children, even if they won’t go to sleep any other way!!]

I hope you enjoyed this recipe. I’m thirsty and am not driving for a while, so I may make another one!