This site contains articles by Mick Wilkinson. Ordinarily of a humorous nature but sometimes covering pretty sober issues. It mostly serves as a vehicle to road-test articles I have written in preparation for publication (and gives me a chance to get feedback and edit before submission!!) and also material that I use in other areas of interest of a more comedic nature. Some of it, as the blog suggests (albeit, a little cryptically!) is just bits of junk you might find interesting!

In any case, I value your comments and hope to enjoy what you have written about the topics on the site. I just hope it’s better than free to air TV in terms of entertainment, though I realise that this is, of course, a fairly low bar! Feel free to leave comments and feedback or to pass articles of interest on to your friends. Certainly, if you have information about most of the pen lids I have ever owned, can explain why our house has five times the number of spoons than forks (when we never buy cutlery) or why people insist on using phrases like “ATM machine”, “PIN number” or “FYI and for your information” then I am all ears… I mean that metaphorically, I’m afraid. Only one of them works, but you get the idea.

Mick Wilkinson


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